Our Philosophy


Connecting was formed in July 2005 by a group of concerned citizens under the initiative of Arnavaz Damania. The group had a fervent desire to extend support to those experiencing emotional distress. Several volunteers contributed their time and effort to the cause and Connecting expanded both the scope as well as the reach of its work.

Connecting was founded on the vision of creating a caring and compassionate world where everyone is connected to life. Connecting works to prevent suicide by creating awareness and to provide support to those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Connecting programs aim to create awareness for suicide prevention, reduce stigma and shame associated with mental health and suicide and to create support groups in the community who are trained to respond to mental health crisis.

In 2008, Connecting took a huge step forward by launching a Helpline for those in distress or feeling suicidal. Since then we have added many new initiatives including the Peer Education Program in schools, the Survivors of Suicide Support program, Community Counseling program and workshops for professionals and stress management workshops in industries.

Philosophical Approach

We accompany the community with an approach that we characterize with the Acronym SALT.

Our Principals

The principles of the helpline provide the framework within which we offer emotional support to those in emotional distress and/or feeling suicidal across all our programs. The principles are not listed in order of importance or priority as they all are interconnected and support each other.

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