Mental Health Program for Corporates


Connecting Corporates, an offering of Connecting NGO, is focused on providing quality training programs to the industry. These programs are focused on advancing the cause of mental health and wellbeing and ameliorating mental and emotional distress.

Connecting Corporates has been created to reach out to the corporate citizen. This corporate outreach arm consists of a team of experienced Trainers, Coaches and senior HR professionals who are eminently qualified, experienced and competent to deliver the training modules.

Why ConnCorp

The Connecting Helpline, focused on providing support to people who are emotionally distressed and/or suicidal, has a cumulative experience of attending to more than 11,000 calls from people in distress.

Many of these calls are from people that are employed and working in corporate settings. Most of the times, this predominantly male population, aged 20-45, have nowhere to turn to, in case of emotional distress arising from say workplace or personal conflicts. Neither do they have a support system in place, nor do they have adequate skills themselves, to de-escalate and resolve conflicts and/or manage stress. This is especially relevant given that the rate of anxiety and depression among corporate employees has increased by 45-50 percent from 2008-2015 (ASSOCHAM). This among other things has led to absenteeism, higher percentages of sick leave, attrition and conflict with co-workers.

By offering training programs to corporates, Connecting Corporates aims to prevent the emotional distress issues that surface in work settings and address them before they spiral out of control.

Our Current Offerings

Connecting Helpline runs on the principles of Active Listening that is non-advisory, non-judgemental, confidential and anonymous.

The rich experience of deep and active listening, that Connecting volunteers, mentors and trainers exhibit on a daily basis, has enabled us to come up with an innovative training program for corporates that incorporates the features of deep and active listening.

The one-day training program on ‘Resolving conflicts: the Listening Approach’, enables participants to manage and resolve conflict by listening deeply to self and others. The program is experiential in nature where the participants actually experience what it feels like to be listened to, and being understood. It stands on the premise that when you are truly able to listen to yourself and understand from where the other person is coming, the conflict de-escalates and gets resolved. The Listening Booths which are a highlight of this program replicates in situ the Connecting Helpline Service and the support that it offers to the emotionally distressed.

Program Benefits

Connecting believes, that it can play a large role in ensuring emotional wellness in corporate settings.

Some of the benefits of the program are:

The Key Differentiator

The training program on Conflict Resolution is built around the principles of Active and Deep Listening, and is steeped in the expertise and experience of Connecting’s volunteers. As such it stands in marked contrast to other conflict resolution strategies and has been proven to be much more effective than them. By learning Active and Deep listening techniques, the participants are much less likely to feel drained, exhausted or resentful from a win-lose outcome; highly likely to emerge with a win-win outcome from the conflict that leaves everyone better off and happy.

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