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Welcome to Connecting... NGO

Welcome to Connecting... an NGO dedicated to suicide prevention in youth.
Connecting... and its team of volunteers are dedicated to serve the community through its various programs, seminars and especially through its Suicide Prevention Helpline.




We are Connecting…, an NGO formed by concerned citizens who have come together to design programmes that create awareness and support individuals dealing with emotional stresses and help save lives.

Connecting through a diverse range of initiatives aims to spread awareness and ensure intervention and prevention of suicide.


Connecting… is dedicated to suicide prevention and survivor support. Our programmes address issues that help deal with stress at early stages, help individuals deal with trauma, provide support to survivors of suicide loss and provide a helpline so that individuals in distress can seek emotional support when they need it.

These services are run mostly by volunteers and are mostly free of cost for all those who seek help.

* Helpline for anyone who is emotionally distressed or feeling suicidal (2pm-8pm) +91 9922001122, (Toll-free) 18002094353

* Support for anyone who has lost someone to suicide – individual, family and group support

* Awareness programmes on how to deal with distress and prevent suicide – organized at schools, colleges, corporates, housing societies, community groups, NGOs, etc.

* Peer educators programmes which create caring communities through spreading awareness among peer groups about suicide prevention, listening, self-care and life skills.

* Community counseling programmes which empower communities through support, appreciation, listening and team work.

* Capacity building programmes – for professionals and others in mental health and allied areas. e.g., workshops on parenting, counseling techniques, etc.

* Discussion groups – for awareness about various issues and empowering various sections of society

* Personal growth programmes – for personal growth and healing open to all. e.g., mindfulness, emotional freedom techniques, art based therapies, etc.

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